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Workshop 12th July 2008 

'Cold Water Dying on Cotton and Silk' with Judith Gussin.

Judith hand dyes all the yarns, threads and fabrics for 21st Century Yarns and uses cold water dyes to achieve her wonderful colours.
The fabric is prewashed and wetted with a washing soda solution before applying the dye, unless you are going to spray dye when it can be applied dry.

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The pictures show the dyes being mixed and applied to space dye some fabric. The group then had a go at space dyeing their own pieces. Some of Judith's bags made with her dyed fabrics provided inspiration.

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The group then saw spray dying in the open air [best done on a still day]. Once the fabric was lightly sprayed a leaf was applied and more spray added to different areas of the cloth. The group had a great time trying out the different techniques, including space dyeing, painting directly onto fabric, graded dying with one or more colours and pepper pot dying - sprinkling powdered dye onto prepared fabric. After dyeing and leaving for the dye to take, the fabric was washed to fix the dye and then rinsed repeatedly until the water ran clear.

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